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Maisy Holiday Book Bag Set

Maisy Holiday Book Bag Set
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Maisy Holiday Book Bag Set
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No matter if it is the TV show, the toys, or the books, kids all over the world love Maisy and the adventures she gets to go  on. With this fun set of six books, children can read all about the fun things that Maisy gets up to.

Each book is so cute and charming that children will want to read them over and over again. The lovely artwork, the interesting characters, and the way that children bond with Maisy and relate to her make these books perfect for little readers who love bedtime stories and who love to snuggle up and read with you. What makes this set extra special is that it comes with a fun little book bag so they can take their collection with them wherever they may go!

Maisy Learns To Swim: In this fun story, Maisy gets to go swimming, she will learn how to swim and have fun at the same time!

Maisy Goes On Holiday: Maisy is very excited to get to go on a train so that she can go on holiday to the beach!

Maisy Goes To The City: Maisy and Charley are going on an adventure to the city so they can shop and have a bite to eat!

Maisy Goes Camping: Camping is very exciting and Maisy and her friends are going on a fun camping trip!

Maisy Goes To The Museum: Maisy and her friends are going to learn about all kinds of cool stuff when they go on a trip to the museum!

Maisy Goes On A Sleepover: Maisy gets to have fun, play games, and eat tasty food as she goes on her very first sleepover.

This collection is truly wonderful and is sure to bring many smiles to any little one that gets to read them.

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